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Community Spotlight

Organization Name: Timbercrest Elementary School
Event/Program Title: Garden Club


Angela Locke and April Jaques, teachers at Timbercrest Elementary in Deltona, plant seeds for success by facilitating an after school garden club program. The garden club meets once a month and is supported by the University of Florida's Family Nutrition Program. The Family Nutrition Program provides plants, materials, and even nutrition lessons for the students of Timbercrest Elementary.

This garden club offers a great way for students to learn about gardening, nutrition, environmental awareness, and hands-on experience growing their own food. Participants have built their own garden beds, sown seeds, tended plants, started a butterfly garden, picked up trash around the school, and enjoyed tasting the vegetables of their labor.

Furthermore, the energetic participants get to exercise patience, trial and error, working with uncontrollable variables, and cultivating new friendships with the club. If you would like to contribute donations or supplies to the Timbercrest Garden Club, please contact Angela Locke at